Fox Hunting and Human Delusion

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Vicious animals in a field with some dogs.

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A display of kindness from an animal treated inhumanely by humanity.

"What difference is there between these hounds and me? Men in machines destroyed my world, and now those on horses seek to tear the flesh from my bones. As I run across this field in the last moments of my life, I think of my pups, left alone in our den. Will they survive without me? Will they know why I didn't come back?"

Other animals may not speak our language. Nor can we speak theirs. Yet with a typical sense of superiority we conclude that it is animals alone who lack intelligence. Our deluded minds construct divisions between things: we love domestic dogs, yet hunt wild ones.

We label certain animals as vermin simply because they try to survive in what we’ve left them of their natural world. Their rights to life and freedom are cast aside by the self-appointed moral authority of so-called humanity. The persecuted fox is not alone in her bewilderment.


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